The Route (click here to see some rough 'intended' maps from coast to coast; also see the LiveTrekker links below to see our actual route complete with photos, notes and videos)


FINAL STROKE TOTAL:  Ball #1 (Chris Shepard, Scott Thomas, Skip Sulek):  3,555

FINAL STROKE TOTAL:  Ball #2 (Fraser Nicol, Bill Bow, Lance Adams):  3,641      

TOTAL BALLS LOST:  232 (Day 1-67, Day 2-18, Day 3-68, Day 4-27, Day 5-52)

TOTAL PINTS DRANK:  167 (Note:  The Day 6 Sub-Pub-Crawl in Glasgow = 51)

Gouffers lost to-date:  0 (although 1 club, 2 caps, luggage, and a almost a drone were lost)

Relics found to-date:  11 (reported)


Gargunnocks in the news (the video takes 20 seconds or so to load)

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Day 0 (arrival, recon of tee-box):

Day 1 (Educational):

Day 2 (Disjointed):

Day 3 (Misled): (through the Bog of Despair (last 3rd of The Slog in the Bog); then .3 mile gap-phone reset I assume)

            (Rescued): (ferns to Bill!)

Day 4 (Recovery):


Day 5 (Epic):

Day 6 (SubPub crawl):


UPDATE:  It's officially been 1 year.  We've raised over $8,000 for Shepherd's Crook.  We continue to add photos to our Gargunnocks Facebook page.  To-date we're still the only people to have golfed across Scotland, although a few others have begun talking about doing so.  We're sending out magical wonders to those that have logged their artifacts prior to 6/25/18.  Thank you to all who took the time - some funny findings (sticker found in the middle of a toilet paper roll), some cute (a couple kids were out on a treasure hunt with their parents and found a GGG coin under a rock), some puzzling (a GGG poker chip in the collection plate of a church).  Please continue to report any findings...there aren't a lot of people doing so, so if you make one of us laugh or smile, we'll likely still send something your way.  Down to the man, this adventure holds a very special place in our memories.